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To GeT A Lady, FiRst ACt LiKe A maN

OMG really dude!!! 

Him: “I will never do that again. Took this girl out on a date and she smelt so bad”. “But you, you smell good”! 

ME: “So sorry to hear that”. Thank you? Never judge a book. Just because she is pretty, doesn’t mean she is clean. All woman need to smell good and take care of themselves. Have a nice day”.

…I go my way, he goes his. Then a few min later, we cross paths again. He follows me to dunkin donuts where I’m in need of a coconut coffee. 

This dude cuts in front of me to talk it up with “my friend” behind the counter and almost makes me miss my train! Did I fell to mention that with all the “keekeeing” I didn’t get my coffee. 

I’m hot like fish grease right now. No disrespect to some men, but you get what you seek, she was dirty…you are rude!!!

To get a “lady”, you must first ask like a “man”.

Smooches and Duces!


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