I know the last thing we think about when preparing for bed is what to wear!

Just imagine you’ve taken a nice hot bubble bath with candles lit, a tall glass of white or red wine. Afterwards you lather on your almond body butter and/or essential oil, a spritz of perfume…then for the piece de resistance …you grab your favorite t-shirt …you know, then one with sweat stains, stretched out and holes. NOT CUTE!

How can you feel sexy looking like your about to crawl in a cardboard box, not bed. “Girl…Get yo life”!

That is why I’m so glad to introduce you to Adore Me. Feel sexy, feel pretty and comfy while in bed. Adore me is an online lingerie subscription service. Now just to give you a perspective on the quality.

The head of design is Helen Mears, the former head of design for Victoria’s Secret. Now if you’ve every gone into Victoria’s secret you know that one bra can run you upwards of $50-$60 unless you enjoy fighting over the last lace bra in black during a semi-annual sale. If you’re like me and on the curvy side you know our sizes are hard to come by in Victoria’s Secret and when you get into colors….just forget it! Well the secret’s out,  because Adore me doesn’t just sell lingerie, but work-out gear, leggings, swimwear, etc. …yesssss! Check it out:

 Blossom Unlined Plush – ($39.95 with VIP Subscription)


 Felice Plus – ($39.95 with VIP Subscription)


     Krystyna Plus – ($39.95 with VIP Subscription)


         Namia Plus – ($49.95 with VIP Subscription)

      Shehani Plus – ($59.95 with VIP Subscription)


 How the VIP subscription works is you pay a $39.95 monthly membership fee (picking your set each month). VIP also gives you access to up to $10 off, every 6th set for free, and access to exclusive sales. You can skip when you want and cancel at anytime.

Get your first set for $24.95 including a free tote when you sign up for the VIP subscription at Adore Me.


Pics Via Adore Me








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