This post is sponsored by Ruckpack and I’m so excited to have tried the RuckPack Energizer Shots.

If you are anything like me, sometimes you need a little motivation to work out.

In my former life I was a vegetarian and worked out everyday. What happened you ask? Life.

I was in a relationship, got comfortable and the pounds just started packing on. A few years ago it got out of control and the guy I was dating at the time…who was a huge gym rat, sat me down and told me that he didn’t want me to die! Now, it had more to do with his father being in and out of the hospital.  But I agreed to lose weight, not for him but myself.

We started going to the gym together and I was able to lose about 45 lbs. Then the relationship ended and I went into a downward spiral. Stopped going to the gym because it made me think of him and slowly but surely I saw myself packing on the pounds. I didn’t gain it all back, but that was mainly because I worked so much and didn’t have time to work out. Just eating and sleeping.

Now with that being said, I love my curves, I’d just like fewer of them!

 RuckPack Energizer Shots.


RuckPack is developed by the Marine Special Operations Forces, so you know they mean business! They  boost your energy, helps you focus and contain a ton of natural ingredients and vitamins. Did I mention they were on Shark Tank, who doesn’t love Shark Tank.

There is nothing wrong with getting assistance with your weight loss journey and I think RuckPack is where it’s at. The Energizer shots come in a variety of flavors: Raspberry, Strawberry, Citrus, etc.  and for those who need an extra jolt, they have caffeinated and extra caffeinated shots just (no jitters), “Woo Hoo”! The taste is tart at first but you can certainly “Cut It“. If you’re a gangsta, take it to the head. It is a shot, duh!

Theres a little something for everyone. They not only have the energizer shots but, pre-workout drinks, protein powders, recovery supplements, apparel, vitamins, etc.

Be sure to check out RuckPack, not only for your nutritional needs, but 10% of the profit goes towards non profits. Help a brother or sister out! Oh, and I can’t forget about my fabulous followers. Here is  20% off discount code: BB018

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