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No one ever said that this blog was just going to be dedicated to my love of fashion, jewelry, and style, but its about being true to who I am. The start of the new year has not been an easy one for me. With changes that have occurred in my life and certain decisions that I must make in order to progress forward. Life isn’t always about what I want, but about how I make people feel. 
I try to be a good friend to everyone around me. Everyone deserves a friend. Maybe it is the GOD in me that tends to peek through. I cant change who I am, but I do recognize that I am only human. God never makes mistakes, but sometimes we do! My goal this year is to launch a new Annese Boutique Website!!! With you in mind. Branded by me. So while I work on this, please make sure to take a look at the products that we still have and a few new additions as well. God Bless


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