Fierce Voxbox Review

I‘m so excited to get a chance to review the latest Fierce Voxbox by Influenster. 

The products in this box consist of:

  • 3.75 once of 100% pure Petroleum Jelly by Vaseline
  • 15 fluid once of Softening & Silkening Brassica Seed Oil by Read Madame C.J Walker
  • 0.5 fluid once of nail polish in pinksicle by SinfulColors
  • 20 count of pantiliners by Carefree
  • 15 ML of Smooth & Tame Shampoo and Smooth Tame Blow Out Creme by Shea Moisture

So your skin is feeling a little rough or dry from the cold weather, this is the cure! Hit those elbows, knees and toes with some vaseline. This fragrance free vaseline is perfect for some extra moisturizer on those rough spots. Now some may say it’s too thick and clogs you’re pours. The trick is to cut it with a little bit of body lotion and only put it on the spots that need extra attention. If that’s not your flavor, dab a little on your lips. Chap be gone!

If you’re a woman who suffers from that time of the month, you can certainly use the pantiliners by  Carefree. They should be a staple in your purse arsenal. Stick it in a little cute pouch with a few tampons/pads for those unwanted surprises or a girlfriend who wished aunt flow would just leave her alone!

SinfulColors nail polish is one of my favorite brands. They retail between $1.99 and $2.99 and the color payoff is even better. Two coats and “vuala”! Pinksicle is a pretty pale pink with enough shimmer to shine on all of your haters.

If you love Shea Moisture’s skin products than you won’t be disappointed with their shampoo and conditioner, tame that mane!

Last but certainly not least is one of my favorite products in the Fierce Voxbox. The Madame C.J. Walker Softening & Silkening Brassica Seed Oil. This right here, smells like heaven! It does everything is says in its title. It softens, silkens and oils your hair to perfection. It’s not too heavy, doesn’t weigh the hair down and all you need are a few drops to seal the deal. This product is definitely on my must buy list.

Well folks, that’s all for the Fierce Voxbox. It was a pleasure being able to review these products care of Influenster. I hope that we can keep this thing going with more fabulous reviews!

“Stay Fabulous, Stay Blessed and Stay Focused”!





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