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That moment you hear a “plop” in the toilet and realize it’s not you…but your train pass that was tucked away oh so nicely in your back pocket. 

“Jesus”! Like the prayers are supposed to miraculously cause the pass to levitate out of the bowl and into the sink, wash itself off and push itself back into its home.

“Shit”!  “Well thank you lord it wasn’t that”. Then my $34.50 would be going to a place that no man should ever have to go. 

But with all the courage I could muster up, and pushing my pride aside, I grabbed a hand full of tissue and pulled it to safety. Washed it off and pushed it back in its resting place.

So if I can do this for just $34.50, imagine how much I love you.

This is dedicated to the man …that although we are not in a good place, and have dealt with shit from both ends of the spectrum. I love you still. Through all things…us falling, getting stepped on, crushed and cared for with the utmost inconsideration.  

So we can dust ourselves off, start over and keep this between us! because when shit goes down we need to stick together.



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