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One of my favorite restaurants if you’re are in the Philadelphia area is Cube Libre! If you are not only into fashion, but food like I am, this spot is a must try. Even if you are rolling solo, the bartenders are great and must I add not bad to look at. Out of all the places I had to choose from for a meet and greet this was in the bunch.


Big shout out to my Cuban friends! If you’ve been under a rock then let me inform you that the infamous Fidel Castro has died. Leading up to his funeral December 4th  Cube Libre was offering  the “Viva Cuba” (Free Rum and Coke). Even if you missed it, you can still get many of their signature drinks, some of mine are the Grilled Pineapple Mojito, Coco Loco, Red Sangrio, Piscojito, and the Margajito they are all delish.


The food is amazing. I am a sucker for the Shrimp Ceviches, Pineapple Guacamole Cubano, North Atlantic Salmon (the mango sauce adds great flavor) and the Churrasco a la Cubana if your a meat eater. Their steak is always made to perfection.



So if you are unsure about what to do on New Year’s eve, take you and your man or girlfriend to Cuba Libre and salsa the night away! Make your reservation today.

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