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Amazing…Artsy…Retro…Classic…Funky…and one person even used the word “Badassery”!

Cella Luxuria: “Cella” meaning your home, meets “Luxuria”, Luxury. They certainly hit the nail on the dead with this one.

The content of its structure is most amazing, with partially exposed brick walls met with a rustic appeal, draws you into there two floor showroom located at 1214 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.

From local designers to trade show worthy artist and brands such as Nuevo, Innovation, Trica, Rewined, Gus, Four Hands to name a few.

Owners Stepan Sklaroff and his wife Christina Leynes have set there selves apart from the traditional mom and pop furniture store in center city. My hat goes of to them and I will certainly be back to purchase many items.

Check them out if your in the Philadelphia area or even online at www.cellaluxuria.com you won’t be disappointed.

Make sure to say hi to Adam when you stop by!!


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