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I have less than a week before my juice fast. April 2nd – April 23rd. I would go longer, but I have a work dinner to go to with our CEO and how would that look, me coming to dinner with a container of juice and a smile 🙂
So far, I have been doing juicing and a salad, or fish, then fruits and veggies, just to detox myself beforehand. This will be tough, but I know I can do it! Just check out my fridge for goodness sake!

Nothing but fruits and veggies!!

Now on to even better things!!!! Like  new jewelry that’s in the shop…check it out.

Not only am I excited about some of the cute things that I have already, but things that are underway. I have received quite a few request, and I hear you! So enjoy and shop on.
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Where have I been you say? I’ve been round 🙂 So sorry for those who have been following my blog. Life has definitely caught up with me. One thing that I have decided to do is get my body, spirit and my health in order. I have been losing a little weight, which is great! But I want to loose so so soooo much more, the “healthy” way. That motivated me to go pick up a juicer. 

$199 from Bed Bath and Beyond
This is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Not only is it not obnoxiously loud, but it juices fast! 

I would love to start juice fasting and this movie has motivated me to do just that.
If you have not seen this movie, check it out on Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix or ITunes. It is FABULOUS. To see this man transform in front your eyes is amazing.
If this is something that YOU would like to try with ME, please comment to this email. I would love for my blog not only to be about my business, but also about bettering others and myself.
DONT FORGET to check out my shop by clicking the link on the right. New products are coming soon. Smooches!

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