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AnnESe BouTiQue ReLauNch

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There are new products and new items on the way…so be on the look out.

The site is still a work in progress and hopefully in the next few months we can have an even more user friendly, and beautiful page to unveil to you.

Please be sure to scan the code on the side bar and save the app to your home screen on your iPhone or Android devise.

I am so excited to be back! Happy Shopping.


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Happy New Year!!!

Long time no hear. I know, curse me out. Tell me off.  Roll your eyes….go ahead…I deserve it.

I’ve neglected my followers and for that I am sorry. But “Miss. Celie home now”!! I promise.

So to start off the new year, lets talk about what I will be getting into on my new and improved blog…..

The “Nitty to the Gritty”…… 🙂

Life, Love, Relationships, Fashion, Music, Hair, Goals, Design…. and all that other fabulous stuff that makes the world go round.

But first check out a few things I recently picked up and where gifted:

Below is an energy bangle from Alex and Ani that was given to me as a Christmas present with my initial. Now this is how I like to start off the new year. on a (+) note!!

Thank you ED!!!

If your interested in this and other products check out the site
Now onto the “fabulousness”
This bag right “heeere”, how can you be disappointed. Its an H&M and only retails for $39.99!
So get it while the getting is good, because I have a feeling it will be sold out quickly. I wish there were other colors.

Thanks for hanging. “Smooches”!!!

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I have less than a week before my juice fast. April 2nd – April 23rd. I would go longer, but I have a work dinner to go to with our CEO and how would that look, me coming to dinner with a container of juice and a smile 🙂
So far, I have been doing juicing and a salad, or fish, then fruits and veggies, just to detox myself beforehand. This will be tough, but I know I can do it! Just check out my fridge for goodness sake!

Nothing but fruits and veggies!!

Now on to even better things!!!! Like  new jewelry that’s in the shop…check it out.

Not only am I excited about some of the cute things that I have already, but things that are underway. I have received quite a few request, and I hear you! So enjoy and shop on.
annese boutique fabulous fashion Jewelry


No one ever said that this blog was just going to be dedicated to my love of fashion, jewelry, and style, but its about being true to who I am. The start of the new year has not been an easy one for me. With changes that have occurred in my life and certain decisions that I must make in order to progress forward. Life isn’t always about what I want, but about how I make people feel. 
I try to be a good friend to everyone around me. Everyone deserves a friend. Maybe it is the GOD in me that tends to peek through. I cant change who I am, but I do recognize that I am only human. God never makes mistakes, but sometimes we do! My goal this year is to launch a new Annese Boutique Website!!! With you in mind. Branded by me. So while I work on this, please make sure to take a look at the products that we still have and a few new additions as well. God Bless



I have been gone forEVER! I know. Life has a way of throwing you against the wall. But I am back and it feels so good.
Thank you to those who have been encouraging me during this touch time, but there is a life lesson in everything that we do. Soooo with out further ado….Check out the new pieces on the site. Im in LOVE. I have another shipment coming soon so, yes “There is more”.
If orders are placed this week they will NOT be shipped until Next Thursday due to the holiday.

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So yesterday I attempted to post this blog, but had the worst headache. WORST. To the point that I took an aspirin, laid down….woke up with the same headache. For those who’ve had migraines you know my pain!

I’ve also been wanting to post a video and seem to be brain backlogged and just cant focus! But its coming..

Hopefully once Friday arrives I will be more motivated not having to spend my weekend indoors due to that “itch Sandy flaunting her behind, up and down the east coast.

My prayers go out to all the people in NJ and NY who were hit the hardest. I cant imagine what you all are going through. Stay strong!


I have been looking around for knuckle rings and I think I have 
found them. Just ordered on Etsy from seller FabulousRocks. Make sure 
to check out their other fabulous items. I know I will! 
They have been so kind to offer my followers and subscribers a 
5% discount. Just click the link below (use the discount code) and add my email in the note section when checking out. 
Take advantage of the savings and stock up on pretty things!

I would scream to the heavens to be blessed with a vintage
 LV trunk to place at the bottom of my bed. But lets be realistic. Really!
But, I would definitely accent this with a white faux fur throw on top.
Currently on sale for $249.99 at:

Her name is Sasha. How adorable!
Currently on sale for $159.99 at:
black fall FASHION LOOK hair Jewelry leather lipstick nyx SHOES style

Fashion Is A Form of Self Expression

I do miss short hair. Such a polished look. 
Black is so beautiful 🙂 African necklace made of sea shells

Gotta “LUV” her style:

Fall is usually the time of year when you start to dress a little warmer and bright colors die down to more neutrals.

Well the same goes for your makeup. The skin starts to lighten in fall/winter and dark colors are all the rage.

 Round lipstick from NYX Cosmetic. Retails $4.00

I’m wearing Penelope (she is a shear black with a little silver flex)


My hairdresser is fabulous. For inquirers please let me know

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