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Amazing…Artsy…Retro…Classic…Funky…and one person even used the word “Badassery”!

Cella Luxuria: “Cella” meaning your home, meets “Luxuria”, Luxury. They certainly hit the nail on the dead with this one.

The content of its structure is most amazing, with partially exposed brick walls met with a rustic appeal, draws you into there two floor showroom located at 1214 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.

From local designers to trade show worthy artist and brands such as Nuevo, Innovation, Trica, Rewined, Gus, Four Hands to name a few.

Owners Stepan Sklaroff and his wife Christina Leynes have set there selves apart from the traditional mom and pop furniture store in center city. My hat goes of to them and I will certainly be back to purchase many items.

Check them out if your in the Philadelphia area or even online at you won’t be disappointed.

Make sure to say hi to Adam when you stop by!!

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I think the older I get, the more my patience is slowly starting to dwindle! Things like “noise”….seem to tick me off the most. When it involves the disruption of my sleep, productivity and overall peace of mind, I go “BANANAS”!

SO maybe all of the distractions with hearing my neighbors upstairs “get it on”,  school kids across the street screaming at recess, police sirens in the middle of the night and pookie and dem shouting, “AAAYOOO”, when trying to get someones attention, is Gods way of saying “get your ducks in a row and purchase a home”!??

When did you first realize it was time to invest in NESTING?

“Onward, Upward and GOD Willing”!

A Girl can DREAM, cant She!

………..A Day and The life of Tawny

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So yesterday I attempted to post this blog, but had the worst headache. WORST. To the point that I took an aspirin, laid down….woke up with the same headache. For those who’ve had migraines you know my pain!

I’ve also been wanting to post a video and seem to be brain backlogged and just cant focus! But its coming..

Hopefully once Friday arrives I will be more motivated not having to spend my weekend indoors due to that “itch Sandy flaunting her behind, up and down the east coast.

My prayers go out to all the people in NJ and NY who were hit the hardest. I cant imagine what you all are going through. Stay strong!


I have been looking around for knuckle rings and I think I have 
found them. Just ordered on Etsy from seller FabulousRocks. Make sure 
to check out their other fabulous items. I know I will! 
They have been so kind to offer my followers and subscribers a 
5% discount. Just click the link below (use the discount code) and add my email in the note section when checking out. 
Take advantage of the savings and stock up on pretty things!

I would scream to the heavens to be blessed with a vintage
 LV trunk to place at the bottom of my bed. But lets be realistic. Really!
But, I would definitely accent this with a white faux fur throw on top.
Currently on sale for $249.99 at:

Her name is Sasha. How adorable!
Currently on sale for $159.99 at:

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