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Happy New Year!!!

Long time no hear. I know, curse me out. Tell me off.  Roll your eyes….go ahead…I deserve it.

I’ve neglected my followers and for that I am sorry. But “Miss. Celie home now”!! I promise.

So to start off the new year, lets talk about what I will be getting into on my new and improved blog…..

The “Nitty to the Gritty”…… 🙂

Life, Love, Relationships, Fashion, Music, Hair, Goals, Design…. and all that other fabulous stuff that makes the world go round.

But first check out a few things I recently picked up and where gifted:

Below is an energy bangle from Alex and Ani that was given to me as a Christmas present with my initial. Now this is how I like to start off the new year. on a (+) note!!

Thank you ED!!!

If your interested in this and other products check out the site
Now onto the “fabulousness”
This bag right “heeere”, how can you be disappointed. Its an H&M and only retails for $39.99!
So get it while the getting is good, because I have a feeling it will be sold out quickly. I wish there were other colors.

Thanks for hanging. “Smooches”!!!


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