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I officially have a girl crush on Sophia Amoruso!

Am I the only one excited to pick up Nasty Galaxy? I read #Girlboss a year ago, and such a good read, so I have no doubt that Nasty Galaxy will have me levitating in inspiration. Sophia is a feminist, goalgetter, author, producer, radio host, entrepreneur, fashionista…. all around badass!

Is this mic on……Sometimes we need a life check. I say first, pray about it, then be about it! Never let anyone or anything discourage you from your goals and dreams. Work hard-play hard, travel to see different cultures and what the world has to offer. If you must cry, only to help you clear your mind. Take control of the life you live, because no on else can do it for you. laugh until your stomach hurts and love…love you first so that others can catch on to your infectious vibe.

A #girlboss is some who dreams the possibilities, working towards making them a reality!




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